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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Passau invites applications for the tenured civil-service post of:

Professorship of the Political System of the Federal Republic
and Civic Education
(pay grade W2)

The postholder will represent the subject areas of civic education and political system theory of the federal republic in their entire breadth in research and teaching, thereby strengthening the social sciences at the University.
The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is characterised by a wide range of geographical, thematic, methodological and academic subjects, as represented by its chairs and professorships. The faculty emphasises the regional specificities of inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching as well as the inclusion of current social topics in times of transformation, while simultaneously assigning great importance to fundamental, long-term research.

The successful candidate will have a proven research track record in the fields of civic education, political systems research and politics with a focus on the Federal Republic of Germany. An additional focus on political youth education and a connection to one or more of the aforementioned overarching themes of the University would be advantageous.
Applicants should, furthermore, provide evidence of strong international publication activity, particularly in well-regarded, peer-reviewed journals. Moreover, candidates must have an appropriate level of experience in the acquisition of funding and implementation of competitive externally funded (third-party-funded) projects. In addition to providing evidence of experience in civic or citizenship education work, the postholder will be expected to exhibit strong commitment and offer an attractive portfolio of political science courses for the various bachelor’s, master’s and teacher training programmes; furthermore, for the teacher education programmes, he or she will contribute to the impartment of civic education within the scope of politics/civics subject discipline courses.

The University of Passau attaches great importance to the quality of teaching, and innovative teaching – in German as well as English – is held in high esteem at the faculty. Candidates should present their didactical and pedagogical ideas on teaching, taking into account the profile of the University of Passau. Experience teaching civics as well as courses on the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany is indispensable; experience teaching in the English language would be an advantage.
A willingness to cooperate in interdisciplinary contexts is essential for participation in new research initiatives within the framework of the faculty’s priorities; in addition to this, the postholder is expected to actively participate in the design and preparation of new degree programmes and to take an active part in academic self-governance. A demonstrable commitment to supporting early career researchers and the advancement of gender equality is also desirable.
The successful candidate will be educated to doctoral level and have demonstrated both pedagogical aptitude and academic excellence, whereby the latter is generally established on the basis of the quality of his or her doctoral research and subsequent scientific achievements. He or she will, furthermore, possess the German formal postdoctoral habilitation qualification or an equivalent body of academic achievements garnered whilst employed at an institution of higher education, for instance as a juniorprofessor or in a comparable position with a different title (e.g. assistant professor or lecturer), insofar as the duties and qualification profile correspond to those of a juniorprofessor position; the habilitation-equivalent achievements may also have been attained outside the higher education system. In accordance with Art. 60(3) sentence 1 BayHIG, candidates must not be more than 52 years of age at the time of their appointment.

The University of Passau actively promotes equal opportunities for all genders as well as diversity in the workforce; therefore, applications are welcome from all candidates who fulfil the requisite qualifications, without regard to gender, cultural or social background, religion, world view, disability or sexual identity. As the University wishes to raise the proportion of women in research and teaching, female academics are expressly encouraged to apply. This position is suitable for people with disabilities; registered disabled persons are given preference over non-disabled applicants who do not otherwise have statutory preferential status if their overall personal aptitudes, skills and qualifications are equal.

To be considered, your application must reach the University by 3 March 2023 . Your full application should include all relevant supporting documents (curriculum vitae, list of publications, teaching assignments, teaching evaluations etc.) and should preferably be sent by e-mail to bewerbung@phil.uni-passau.de . It should be addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Passau, Professor Malte Rehbein, 94030 Passau. When e-mailing your application, all application documents should be attached as a single pdf file . E-mailed applications are kept on file for six months after the conclusion of the appointment procedure, whereupon they are deleted from our systems.

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